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Updated on 28 Apr 2012

Name search
  • If you know the taxonomic group of the name, click on the group in the table on the right. This will take you to the index of the taxonomic group.
  • If not, use the index of generic and suprageneric names on the left.
  • To search the alphabetised index, enter a name in the GO box and click on "GO".
  • The index will go to the position on the list which is closest to the name you provide.
  • Navigate the index list by using the page up [pgup], line up [lnup], line down [lndn], and page down [pgdn] buttons.
  • Clicking on an item in the index list will take you to the index of the taxonomic group that contains the name.

  • Tips
  • If you enter a name that has a blank within the string, for example, "pieris rap", the first word will be considered as the genus name, and will be searched as such.
  • On finding "pieris" on the list, the program will go to the index list of the appropriate taxonmic group and look for the name.
  • In this case, it finds a match in the "Macrolepidoptera - others" group, and will open the "Local Index" webpage and show the index with "Pieris rapae" on top of the list.
  • On the other hand, if you enter "pieris jap", it will go the "Plantae" group, and open with "Pieris japonica" on top of the list.
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